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Lea Reveley Author Bio

Lea Reveley has released the first book of a new series as of April 2021. It is called Tommy's Unstoppable Gran & The Magic Potion.

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Marketing consultant by profession, childrens entertainer and author out of passion. Lea Reveley is a seasoned author and professional with nearly a decade's experience in the children's sector. After setting up her own children’s entertainment business, she saw huge success in the sector and has been at it ever since.


Between running her business, home and looking after her family, she has worked extensively in the television and film industry. Even featuring in a number of shows including Peaky Blinders, The Zoo, Mount Pleasant, Cucumber and Tango in Halifax. Not to mention numerous television commercials.


In 2016 she took a small break to have her third child and to look after her daughter who had leukaemia but has thankfully now fully recovered. After Covid hit she realised that her entertainment business would face new challenges and so set out to diversify her trade. Since March 2020 she has been writing as well as revisiting her marketing career. She completed a Diploma in editing and proofreading during lockdown to recharge her skills and help with her writing. During this time she’s been writing across various genres from children's to self-improvement with many more exciting projects already in the works!